Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Change One Thing

It seems as though the majority of my coaching practice is focused in the area of Change. I capitalized Change because most organizations and people I work with seem to view Change as some huge, scary thing that will only bring bad news and more work into their world. Over the years, I have realized that we are oddly comforted by the false security found in the troubles and pitfalls we know as opposed to the fearful unknown of what might happen if we made a change.

So break it down. Apply the tried and true KISS method. We don't have to recreate the wheel or forge a new business plan to create a positive transformation. Take a long hard look at whatever obstacle or trouble that is your issue. Ask yourself this: what one thing could I do differently that would bring about a change in the situation. I didn't say completely fix the situation, only change it. Do that one thing. Is the change positive? Keep doing it. Then do the process again. A series of small, incremental changes with positive results can create a remarkable transformation.

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