Friday, September 18, 2009

Why Do You Need A Career Coach?

Do you envy people who are truly passionate about their career?

Do you wish you were working in a different role or industry?

Do you want to grow and move up in your career?

So, what can a coach do for you? It’s simple, really. We help you transform your life by helping you solve problems and achieve your goals. The services of Talent Innovations are not one size fits all. Each coaching interaction is customized to achieve the needs and goals of the client. Whatever the level or scope of your career, whether individual or team focused, our career strategies are designed to help you discover you. What are your goals? What do you want to accomplish? When you dream of your best future, what does it look like? We help open the channels to get you there.

Our clients fall into one of two categories: employed or unemployed. Our employed clients come to us for one of two reasons. They manage people and need to develop as a leader. Or, they manage people and need to develop their team. Our customized leadership and team development programs are designed to take you and your employees to a new level performance. We are here to coach and guide you and your team through the process, and help you manage the changes brought by growth.

Our unemployed clients only come to us for one reason. They want a job. But if they only wanted “a job”, they would have one. What drives our clients to us is a desire for the right job, their dream job. Working with our career strategists, you will discover the path that leads to a career of fulfillment. No more endless job interviews for positions that aren’t right for you. You will develop your strengths and talents to overcome any obstacles in your path. We will help you find the right career opportunities and prepare you to be a stand-out candidate. A career coach won’t get you a job. We help you get your dream job.

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