Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Personal Branding - It's Not Just A Resume

If you are currently looking for a new career opportunity, whether you are currently employed or not, odds are you are using the same resume that got you into your current position. Let me guess, it is a well written chronology of all your jobs, with detailed descriptions of what you did in each role. It may even have an updated list of keywords to improve the likelihood of your resume being selected in a database search. But does your resume do the most important thing of all - does it represent your personal brand? Does your resume tell the reader who you are, or only what you've done? Is your resume your only identity resource?

In today's highly competitive job market, it is paramount that you are represented to hiring companies in the best possible way. When a recruiter or hiring manager reviews your resume, they will spend less than one minute scanning for the required education, skills and experience. Assuming you meet the qualifications for the position, you may be one of hundreds of qualified applicants hoping for an interview opportunity. What will set your resume apart from the others? What will motivate the hiring company to interview you? The common factor in both questions is you. Your resume should be more than just a chronological description of your jobs and responsibilities. Your resume should be a written representation of you, and an extension of all other identity resources.

When a hiring company reviews your resume, they should immediately realize two things: one, that you are a qualified candidate for the position, and two, that you are someone they want to know more about. At that point, your resume should also point them to the other identity resource tools you are utilizing to imprint your personal brand, i.e., LinkedIn, Facebook, and professional blogs. The successful job seeker in today's market knows that a well designed resume is but the first step in their campaign to sell their personal brand.

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